About Us

Our History

From the Dawn of the '900
Through 4 Generations
of Italian Creativity.

Italcast draws its origins, in a forge, located on the valley floor of the Gobbia river in Lumezzane Brescia, fed by a water and coal mill, led by Angelo Ghidini with his sons dedicated to the production of brass cutlery.

In the 1950s

the family business turned into a modern Metals Die Casting Foundry specializing in the production of aluminum items.

In our historical archive, high-tech artifacts stand out, such as components of the legendary VESPA-PIAGGIO scooter, of the first IBM computers and of methane gas meters for domestic use .

In the 1960s

the company also diversified into the production of stainless steel crockery and pressure cookers, with the world-famous brand ELETTROFIAMMA.

In the 1980s

an intuition: The symbiosis between the two technologies; it converts the manufacture of pots into die-cast aluminum, creates items with high thickness (Save energy), and combined with the non-stick coating for better practicality in the kitchen.

The first is to introduce the culture of the "Salva Spazio" removable handle with patented solutions and robust long-lasting mechanisms .

It is a great chapter in the development of food cooking tools, tracing a new path also for other entrepreneurs in the sector.

In the 2000s

With the Ghidini brothers, Angelo's predictions continue, the great family tradition that proposes innovative solutions, with the Anna Cavalli and Ghifusion brands to renew the market, a guarantee of trust and security that this century-long history has been able to express ...