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What We Do

We Work for Health, Hygiene, Safety and Economy in the Kitchen

This is the spirit with which we move and produce at the highest levels of quality. Our pots, whether they are used on traditional fires or on induction hobs, offer the maximum guarantees to obtain a healthier kitchen, more cleanliness, less risks associated with incandescent surfaces, less cooking times and lower consumption. And the quality of the "Made in Italy" is constant in every production area, also for the accessories, such as the lids which are always in heat-resistant glass.

We Always Combine Technology with Design

We have always produced tools that combine the beauty and cleanliness of the lines, the finishes with the innovative production technology and the perfection of the structure and accessories that make them truly able to guarantee the results for which they were created.

We Always Develop Innovative Solutions

Like the interchangeable handles, equipped with a patented hook with double safety and ultra-fast release and applicable to all the pots in the range. They offer significant advantages in efficiency and safety in the kitchen such as:

  • Quick one-handed maneuverability.
  • Small footprint on the hobs, avoiding accidents and burns due to involuntary impacts.
  • Easy cooking in domestic and charcoal ovens.
  • More space in each sink They are produced in wood, stainless steel in various finishes and in heat-resistant Bakelite and the handle locking mechanism can be screw, button and lever.

We Select Materials and Create Styles

A variety of fine finishes and made with high quality materials, resistant, solid and absolutely ergonomic, but always designed to be aesthetically refined and modern.

We Design New Products Every Day

Our Technology

Quality of Materials, Production Processes, Technical Solutions

Thanks to the single-body casting of aluminum with differentiated thickness (7/8 mm and 4 for the walls) which characterizes the entire ITALCAST production, a non-deformable product is obtained and a uniform heat distribution over the entire body of the pot. The diamond ground surface with slight concavity, by thermal expansion, becomes perfectly flat and adherent to the ceramic hobs, electric plate, avoiding energy dispersion.

  • Steel disc welded to the aluminum bottom.
  • Body in food-grade aluminum alloy with CE standards and with a TITAN shark-toothed surface for high anchoring of the WHITFORD non-stick layers.
  • ECLIPSE, ECLIPSE HB DIAMOND non-stick, 3-layer ETERNA based on ceramic components and synthetic diamond particles resistant to metal tools.

The Aluminum and Steel base is suitable for all heat sources (gas burners, ovens, electric hobs, ceramic hobs, induction hobs) Its special composition transmits a rapid and high thermal impulse with a turbo effect to the dishes, subsequently maintaining cooking temperatures with minimum heat and allowing maximum energy savings. The non-stick cooking surface (without PFOA and NICKEL) is anchored "shark tooth" to the aluminum body to guarantee a very strong and long-lasting anchor.

The Differences Between the Materials and the Different Yield in Cooking Food

It is easy to see how the temperature distribution changes depending on which materials the pots are made of. It is natural that cooking on a traditional heat source cannot be homogeneous and perfect, neither if using steel pans, nor pans in aluminum or other materials. ITALCAST pans, thanks to the melting of Aluminum / Steel in a single body and the use of high-thickness differentiated technology, offer the best guarantees of homogeneous and punctual distribution of temperatures ensuring the best cooking of the food in all their parts.

The Induction Cooker

The Revolution in the Kitchen

What are induction hobs?

Induction hobs exploit the functioning and energy of an electromagnetic field, thus allowing to reduce costs and dangers drastically. How do induction hobs work?
Induction hobs are glass ceramic hobs, under which there are no bulbs or resistances, but coils capable of reacting when a container with a ferrous material bottom (a pot) is placed above the cooking area. magnetic field created by the coils to generate the energy needed to heat the contents of the pots. The moment the pan is removed from the hob, the magnetic field ceases and the hob switches off.

The advantages of induction hobs

  • Exceptional energy yield with extraordinarily low boiling times compared to other cooking methods.
  • Instantaneous digital regulation of temperatures with a unique degree of precision and for perfect cooking control. An exceptionally low temperature can be maintained for a long time without changes.
  • Energy saving: no heat loss, the plate acts as soon as it rests on the pan and stops heating as soon as you remove it. Or exclusively on the contact surface between the bottom of the pot and the hob, adapting automatically to the various measures.
  • No risk of scalding because the cooktop in part of the pan remains cold.
  • Instant cleaning: all spills or splashes do not burn precisely because the surface of the glass top remains cold throughout the cooking time.
  • No pollution due to combustion gases and no fire hazard.

The Containers for Induction Hobs

The use of special containers that make the coils work properly is essential. These containers must be made with a bottom made of ferrous material, which are able to activate the magnetic circuit and transmit heat evenly to the whole body of the pot. It is an absolute novelty for the die-cast aluminum dishes. A special thick base allows the use of ITALCAST products for cooking on induction hobs. A steel disc is strongly anchored to the bottom of the pot, with a patented process creating a single body for a very fast and homogeneous heat transmission.